15/1 - Buddha Squared


Organic short grain brown rice surrounded by portions of a mild lentil/chickpea curry, grilled fennel and broccoli, red cabbage and homemade kimchi served up in a square bowl.

22/1 - Spaghetti Al Tartufo


Spaghetti deliciously seasoned then topped with a creamy truffle sauce, grilled mushrooms, onion, baby spinach and pine nuts.

29/1 - Big Ass Burrito


What's in a name? Well it this one you've got re-fried beans, “taco meat”, cashew sour cream, tomato, onion and “cheese” wrapped inside a jumbo tortilla. This friend,is a belly full of street food goodness.

Banana Bread


Mom's recipe...now 100% plant based!

Double Chocolate Brownie


Super chocolatey and gluten free.



Between 1500 and 1800 hrs within Haarlem and immediately surrounding postcodes.